Can you please provide a short career bio here?

Fresh out of uni, I was lucky enough to score a gig at Channel Ten as a Sales Coordinator, within one of the agency teams. I had no idea about the back end of media and was truly oblivious to how things worked behind the scenes besides the faces that I saw on TV. Safe to say I loved it instantly.

From here I moved onto ACP as an Account Manager within the Direct Homes Group, and stayed in this role for 2 years until the company became Bauer Media. During this acquisition, I became New Business Sales Manager- a unique position (1 of 1) that focused purely on generating new business for the entire company. I stayed in this position for a year until being head hunted by the founders of Pedestrian Group.

 Pedestrian Group saw me take on an Advertising & Partnerships Manager role with the sole purpose of kick starting a Melbourne presence and office for the company. 

I have been with Pedestrian Group for 5+ years now, growing the Melbourne team to 15+ staff, launching Brisbane and Perth offices and taking on multiple roles from National Partnerships Director to GM of Melbourne. 

I returned to work last year from 9 months of maternity leave and am now based is Sydney as National Head of Advertising & Partnerships.

What is the focus of your role at Pedestrian TV?

I currently lead a team of 34 staff nationally and whilst the crux of my main responsibilities is to exceed financial targets, my aim is to have the best relationships out in market and to create strategically engaging and entertaining campaigns that keep brands coming back for more.

You recently made the move to Sydney from Melbourne – how are you finding the transition so far? Any notable differences between both markets?

 Sydney and Melbourne are vastly different! I thoroughly enjoy being at the forefront of everything that is happening in Sydney and truly feel like I have been able to bridge the gap for interstate offices. Having worked in Melbourne my whole life, I understand the barriers and communication issues faced daily. It has been exhilarating working in head office where I get to see our amazing content being created right next me.     


What do you see as some of the exciting trends in the Digital/Content landscape in Australian media in 2019?

It’s an exciting time to be working in the content space right now. So many large-scale publishing businesses are merging providing multiple opportunities to extend how bespoke curated content is syndicated. The idea of media convergence is giving brands access to platforms and audience segments they usually wouldn’t have access too. With Pedestrian Group being owned by Nine Entertainment Co. it has allowed us to play around with idea of merging broadcast, social and digital to form a new way of responding to briefs from multiple publishing arms. 


What advice would give to up and coming professionals in the media industry? Or something you wish someone had told you when you were starting your career in media?

When you start out in your media career, get to know everyone in your business! Make relationships with accounts, creative, editorial and projects. Don’t stay silo in your own department! Knowing how they work and having a relationship with them will only benefit you in the future from winning brief to executing a campaign perfectly to even scoring your next promotion.

What do you look for when hiring for your team at Pedestrian?

Cultural fit and passion. 

For me it’s always been about a cultural fit first. I have always built my team around collaboration and candid conversations. If we can all get along together and have a laugh it means staff will be happy! 

Finding someone that is truly passionate about what they are doing has a radiating effect, not only to the wider internal team but externally to key stakeholders.

Who is someone you admire and why?

Jacinda Ardern. Being new to working mum life, I would have to say I have found a new admiration for all the boss ladies out there. It’s a real balance that is very hard to achieve and I think she is a true trailblazer leading the way and setting a great example around the world.  

What is your favourite travel destination?

Italy! My favourite spots being Florence and Positano. The pure indulgence from food to fashion… it’s my absolute dream. Must try La Sponda at Le Serinuse Hotel, hands down my Favourite restaurant in the world.

If you weren’t working in media what would you be doing?

Catriona Rowntree on Getaway (my childhood dream), but more likely a P.E Teacher.

Kristen Gallagher