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Can you please provide a short career bio here?

I’ve been in media for about 12 years, my expertise is in commercial brand integration and strategic partnerships having previously held integration and brand experience management roles at Nova Entertainment, oOh! media and ARN.

Before that I spent a few years in account service in creative and direct marketing agencies and I started my career as a receptionist in the Mushroom Group of Companies.  Still a fond favourite!

What is the focus of your current role?

I lead Nova Entertainment’s branded entertainment team, CREATE, which employs over sixty of the industry’s most exciting and diverse talents across multiple disciplines including; content development and production, strategy, sponsorships, design, research and analytics, digital campaign operations and trade marketing.

So, the focus of my role and CREATE at large, is to grow both broadcast and non-traditional revenue through strategic media solutions, hand in glove with our sales team and direct with clients and agency partners.

What do you see as some of the exciting trends coming up in the Media/Radio landscape in Australia in 2018?

The general proliferation of audio in general is exciting.  Not only does it open up new ways to connect with audiences, it creates new content environments and as a result, new and innovative ad formats that may have previously inaccessible. Creatively this presents really exciting opportunities for targeted and super contextual brand story-telling and of course, in time, audio as a currency that’s able to be traded programmatically will enable that connection at scale. With the right tech and content partners, traditional radio broadcasters are in an excellent position to mobilise this new media and make it accessible for brands.  

Can you re-call a key learning piece from your early career in media, that you still draw upon today, and why?

I remember being told when considering new opportunities, “You can totally do that” and not necessarily believing the person saying it. With the benefit of time, (for the most part!), it has turned out to be true. So it’s a helpful learning to reflect on if I’m faced with something daunting.

What is important to you when building your team and securing the right people for CREATE?

Expertise aside, what we look for as the base line for all team members regardless of their level of experience is; Intellect. Personality. Ambition. A competitive streak. Commercial acumen.  Resilience. Reputation. Probably in that order. I don’t ask for much. Applications welcome!!

Any words of advice you would give to up and coming professionals in the media industry?

It’s a privilege to work in an industry like ours, in jobs like ours. Try to remember that and avoid acting like you’re doing anyone but yourself a favour by turning up to work every day. It won’t always be sunshine and free wine but if it doesn’t feel good, try doing something else.

What is the best campaign you have seen in the last 12 months?

Might be bias, but the Vodafone & Nova 30 Days of Power, with MEC. To prove the strength and reliability of the 4G network Nova ‘switched’ and broadcast the station through Vodafone, 24 hours a day, for 30 days. The talent switched to Vodafone and shared their own experiences of the network strength and this content extended off network and in store. Through the literal demonstration of reliability and authentic endorsement, we saw the strong transferral of trust from Nova to Vodafone. What I liked most about this campaign was that it utilised the traditional broadcast channel in an innovative way that was both simple and effective. The results were outstanding and ultimately, that’s what it’s about.

Who is someone you admire and why?

My Mum. She’s the queen of reinvention. From nurse, to educator, to PT, to small business owner, to interior stylist...She’s never boring and always relevant, no matter the situation, no matter the audience.

 Favourite travel destination? 

Italy.  Basic, but it’s tough to have a bad day there.

 If you were a character on Game of Thones who would you be?

Depends on the day – apparently my team can’t choose between Cersei Lannister and Olenna Tyrell. There’s a common theme there I think! Good feedback guys...

If you weren’t working in media what would you be doing?

I always wanted to direct film clips. 


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