Tell us a bit about your journey and how you have come to manage a team at Nova?

I was a magazine addict in my teenage years and always dreamed of working for one of the fashion glossies. That translated into a media sales career at ACP (now Bauer Media) followed by a few years at Pacific Magazines working on their flagship fashion brands marie claire and InStyle.  The appeal of radio was the ability to stay close to the creative process; building stories for brands through integrated talent and content driven partnerships. NOVA Entertainment was the right fit for me in terms of values and culture. We are a relatively young commercial team full of vibrancy and a desire to strive for ourselves and each other. Being in a leadership role has enabled me to feed off that great energy to maximise our momentum in market. 

What is the focus of your current role?

I manage a team of four and my role is to ensure the team are well planned and supported to maximise their visibility and impact in market, in order to deliver the best commercial outcomes. My day to day focuses on advocating the benefits of radio, our brands and supporting my team and the commercial market, to fully realise the potential of a partnership with NOVA Entertainment.

What do you see as some of the exciting trends in the Media/Radio landscape in Australia in 2017?

Automation of the buying process is a necessary step for radio to streamline the buying process and enable us to be more responsive to our agencies. It’s an exciting time to be in radio, with a focus on transformation and future proofing the industry. First party data acquisition will play a big role in radio’s future as we move toward trading programmatically and delivering brands addressable audiences at scale.

What made you want to transition to a new medium? 

I genuinely loved my time working in magazines and that attachment made the decision to move to a new channel a difficult one. But all things considered, I’m most passionate about creating integrated campaign solutions and I was inspired by what radio could deliver in this space.

Do you think there are any current hurdles we face as an industry? As an industry what can we do better?

The cycle for digital disruption in media is getting shorter and this is putting increased pressure on the industry to find new and innovative ways to create and distribute content. Embracing change and maintaining relevance for audiences in an ever changing landscape is a hurdle that affects the whole industry.

What is important to you when building your team at Nova? 

Passionate people! As custodians of our brands in market, being passionate about what we do is infectious and critical to our continued success.

Is there a defining/key trait you look for when hiring?

Equally I hire on curiosity and attitude.

What is the best Radio campaign you have seen in the last 12 months?

Now in its fourth year, Nova’s Global Red Room continues to set new benchmarks for creating live, intimate and unforgettable music experiences. It’s a great example of how traditional broadcast can successfully deliver a multi-platform brand experience; building lasting connections with millennials and strengthening their engagement with brands through music.

Who is someone you admire and why? 

Edgar’s Mission founder Pam Ahern sacrificed her life savings, career and relationship to create a sanctuary for factory farmed animals. Her compassion inspires me and her story proves that with a little courage and a lot of kindness you can be the change you want to see in the world

What is your favourite travel destination?

Cinque Terre, because five villages by the water are better than one and the views are phenomenal.

What do you do in your own time?  

Brunching with girlfriends is a Saturday morning ritual but my guilty pleasure is winding down the weekend with couch time and a good HBO series.

If you weren’t working in media what would you be doing?

Some philanthropic pursuit that puts my communications background to good use in a non-for-profit or similar role.

Any words of advice you would give to up and coming professionals in the media industry? Or something you wish someone had told you when you were starting your career?

Learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. The pace of change means that nobody is an expert, you’ve just got to throw yourself in.

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